Freelance writing and editing for magazines and books

I'm Rob Buckley, an award-winning journalist and editor with nearly 20 years' publishing experience. I'm freelance editor of GeoConnexion International, and freelance production editor and sub-editor for a number of other magazines. I'm also a trained book proofreader and copy-editor, a member of the NUJ and an associate of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.


I've written for trade, consumer and contract magazines, newsletters, web sites, blogs and newspapers. I specialise in technologyeducation and media but have written on everything from finance and business issues to martial arts. I am a regular contributor to SC Magazine and EducationInvestor.

Titles I've written for include:

The TimesInformation Age, IBusiness Franchise, Televisual, iCreate, Computer Arts, TV Scoop, Macworld, MacFormat, Soho Independent, The Tribe, Action Network, Death Ray

You can also view a selection of articles I've written in the gallery.

Magazine subbing and production

I offer inhouse and external proofreading, subbing, layout and production skills for the entire publishing workflow from initial creation through to PDF upload. I am available at short notice and proficient in QuarkXPress, InDesign and Adobe Creative Suite for Mac and Windows. I am currently the sub-editor for Better Wholesaling and Environmental Health News, the production editor for Transport Times, and an external editor for Nurse Researcher.

Clients include:

Financial Times, Redwood, Tesco's Food, Cancer Nursing Practice, Company and Shareholder, Retail Newsagent, Nursing Standard, The Engineer, Station News, FSB Voice, Wentworth

Proofreading and copy-editing

I'm a trained and experienced book proofreader and copy-editor, able to work from proofs, and Word and PDF documents, remotely and in-house.

Clients include:

CIEH, Chadwyck-Healey, RCN, WordWide


I have been a regular contributor to podcasts, such as MacFormat, and have appeared as a contributor on Radio 5's Saturday Edition and Afternoon Edition

Clients include:


New media

I've edited several web sites, and know how to write and shape copy specifically for online publications, including my own popular media blog and Shiny Media's TV Scoop blog. I also have HTML and PHP skills, wrote a column for M-iD on "Getting The Most From The Web" and have written web coding tutorials for numerous magazines.

Clients include:

Shiny Media, iCreatePractical Web Design, .net

Magazine editing and project management

I can edit and manage whole magazines, newsletters and web sites using content management systems, writing copy, subbing, planning content and managing other freelances where necessary.

Titles I've edited include:

Mapping Awareness, Dreamwatch, XML & Web Services,, iSight, Cambridge Film Festival Daily

Software documentation

I have written manuals and online help for a number of projects aimed at both beginners and experts.

Clients include:

ESRI, Crisis, Totally Communications


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