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Remnant Media, owners of SMD Publishing, are going to have some fun tomorrow at an extraordinary general meeting, apparently.

A former director of Remnant Media, which runs the porn publishing empire once owned by Richard Desmond, is urging shareholders to vote down proposals to increase its share capital at tomorrow's extraordinary meeting.

Anthony Edwards, a Remnant Media director until last year, has written to fellow shareholders encouraging them to vote against two of the three resolutions because he believes they “raise serious issues requiring response by the directors”.

Interesting, he also points out the following:

[Remnant pledged] - at the annual meeting last October - to provide a quarterly financial update, [which] had not been honoured. No information has been issued since January, he says. Remnant said it would provide an update at the meeting.

But Mr Edwards is concerned this may not cover the financial position. “The last annual accounts issued were for the period ending December 2004 at the AGM on October 4, 2005. Why isn't the meeting an AGM with presentation of full accounts for the year ending December 31, 2005? I believe the answer is simply to avoid providing financial information that would have to be made available at an AGM,” he said.

Mr Edwards says he “wants to ensure all shareholders are treated equally and fairly, with full disclosure of information”. He questions why Remnant is proposing to allot 5m new shares to Mr Robinson at 10p. When Remnant raised cash from new investors in 2004 it was at 32.5p a share. Mr Edwards asks: “Why is he the only shareholder offered the opportunity to increase his investment in the company?”

Three cheers for me apparently

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Just spoken to Chris Coles at BDO Stoy Hayward again about payments from the Highbury ring-fenced fund. This has the money intended to go to those who did work for Highbury at the start of the year, before it went into receivership. Here's the latest info:

BDO Stoy Haward and Ernst & Young are still in the process of making the application to the court to make BDO the administrator of this fund. He's expecting that to go through this month, although they don't have a court date yet.

The letter that tells everyone about what's happening is due to go out in the next day or so. They've been trying to make sure the list of people it goes to is as complete as possible - apparently, the list of people in the “trust document” is very long.

Once court confirmation comes through, they'll be able to look through individual claims. Coles hopes to be able to do this as quickly as possible, although there a few claims and technical issues that might mean it takes “a little while” to review them all. He does say, however, that the company “has no real interest in dragging out” the process. “It'll make life easier if we make the distribution as soon as possible.”

Inside the VenetianView from the Venetian

An excellent guide to Las Vegas from one of the locals can be found at Joe In and Around Vegas (via Rullsenberg). Disappointed to see no mention of The Venetian, my favourite hotel there, but I guess if you're not into art, shopping or things Italian, it'd be quite dull.

See how shiny it is? And that was in October last year my friends.

Sometimes things you take for granted as a journalist can take you by surprise. Take this clipping from last week's Metro.

Metro clipping

Now, I read this and I couldn't see much wrong. But then, I'm a journalist, inured to the way of court-reporting and the structure's of news writing.

Headline teases with the most interesting bit. Word in quotes to imply it was said by someone other than the paper. Opening sentence continues with that most interesting thing from the court's proceedings but a bit more information. “An inquest heard yesterday” is code for “a witness said”. Second sentence explains the background to the inquest. Third sentence adds more detailed. Fourth cycles back to the first sentence to give it the context in which it was said.

As a journalist, nothing wrong with that, huh?

I got this yesterday from one of his friends:

“Muppet” repeated three times in two sentences *and* the headline? Talk about playing it for laughs?��Ǩ�� It basically makes out that was the coroner’s verdict. It’s also Malcolm not Martin that they’ve pictured. Unbelievably rude.

His family are distraught.

Now, clearly printing a picture of another member of The Wonder Stuff rather than the deceased himself is bad, bad, bad. But the family are distraught over that nib, in part because they don't know 'the code'.

There's a gulf there, isn't there?

One month with Virgin

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After finally leaving Orange, I'm happy to say Virgin have been pretty good. Orange screwed up my final bill, of course, and I had to write to tell them (again) that I'd cancelled my contract and they can't invoice me for another month. But hopefully, they'll accept my final payment.

Just as a comparison, my monthly orange bill was £30. That's despite my working from home most of the time. My first month with Virgin? £2.32.

I'd call that a result; wouldn't you?

Still, I would say if you're joining Virgin and not very literate technically, either get someone at a mobile phone shop to fix up the new settings on your existing phone or get one straight from Virgin. I thought I'd migrated over the settings correctly from Orange, but despite the fact I was able to send picture messages, I couldn't receive them. I had to re-install the MMS settings to get the messages that people had sent me. Odd, huh?

Still it all works beautifully now.

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