Payout in two months for Highbury ring-fenced fund?

After quite a long break, I’ve spoken to Chris Coles of BDO again about progress on paying out on the ring-fenced fund to Highbury creditors. After admitting that paying out by Christmas last year was hopelessly optimistic, he now thinks BDO should be able to pay out within a couple of months. He says:

“Because of the way it was set up, it raised some complicated issues. At first view, it was simple and quick, but it’s just delayed it.”

There are still some technical issues to overcome to with tax liability and determining whether there are any separate classes of creditors, but BDO has definitely been appointed by the courts to deal with the issues.

Not sure how much to rely on that “two months” thing with Christmas coming up, but fingers crossed it won’t be too much longer now.

Switched away from Dataflame at last

The observant among you may have noticed that I’ve changed web host. Goodbye Dataflame, hello LivingDot. Dataflame finally pushed me over the edge by locking down the permissions on my cgi-bin for a week while I was on holiday (without telling me) then locking them down again for two days while they did testing, simply because I was running Movable Type for this blog (and my other blogs).

LivingDot has the virtue of being a preferred partner of Six Apart, the company that makes Movable Type, and while the performance on their servers isn’t as good as Dataflame’s, the server occasionally times out on some requests and they’re a little more expensive, they have several advantages

  • They let you use SSL encryption on email in a way that’s compatible with Microsoft Entourage
  • They let you support a huge number of domains (50 I think) on your server at no extra cost
  • They actually know what Movable Type is and how to support it.
  • Large numbers of MySQL databases to call your own

The only hassles I had with the move was a couple of files that somehow got left behind; and problems getting my old MySQL databases copied over (leaving some strange characters on entries that used £s, “s, …s and Greek script). Otherwise, all is good and happy again.