Highbury payouts at last

Well, it’s nearly been three years coming, but finally BDO Stoy Haward have started paying out the monies owed from the Highbury ring-fenced fund.

A letter arrived in this morning’s post with a cheque for the full amount I was owed by Highbury for work on iCreate in January 2006. According to the letter, the trustees of the New Credit Trust applied to the court for an order confirming the beneficiaries; the court made the order on the 8th September and they’re now paying out.

Once the Trustees have completed all initial distributions, they will be contacting those parties who potentially have further Trust monies outstanding to them in order that they may prove whether their debt falls within the Trust period, which was from 12 December 2005 to 20 January 2006

Hopefully, everyone will get their cheques through soon then.

3 Replies to “Highbury payouts at last”

  1. Good to hear you’ve finally been paid.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t get a penny even though my work for the January issue of iCreate was part of the fabled ring-fenced fund.
    Apparently, your name also had to be list in the Trust deed, a little detail that they never bothered to tell me at any time during the three years of trying to get this mess sorted.
    All I was looking forward to a better Christmas this year 🙁

  2. Never saw a penny either, how much was paid out, work was done for Digital Creative Arts.

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