New media

Writing for the web

The web is a different medium from print and needs different approaches and skills to match. Having edited several web sites, I know how to write and shape copy specifically for online publications. I also write regularly for my own media blog and wrote for Shiny Media's TV Scoop blog.

Writing about the web

My column, "Getting the most from your web site", ran in M-iD magazine; I've written tutorials and reviews for magazines such as iCreate, Practical Web Design and .net; and I've written many features on web site management for trade magazines such as Information Age.


I have worked with and coded for several content management systems, including

  • ArsDigita/Red Hat CMS
  • MySource Matrix
  • Mambo
  • Zope and
  • Plone.

I have also worked with and coded for these blogging systems

  • Movable Type
  • WordPress
  • Blojsom
  • TypePad and
  • Blogger.

I can design web pages from scratch or from templates, either coding by hand or using WYSIWYG editors such as Dreamweaver, GoLive, Contribute and Freeway. I try to develop to the latest standards, including XHTML and CSS, where possible to ensure sites meet the latest accessibility and browser technology standards. I've also developed ADP and PHP applications that interface with Oracle, MySQL and Postgres databases. This site uses various technologies, including PHP, MySQL, CGI, Mint and Movable Type, as well as technologies including iBox and minishowcase.

Email newsletters

I've written, edited, developed and produced email newsletters, such as XML & Web Services, for clients. I've experience of using and coding for the Lyris list mailing system. In addition, I developed the popular Mac HTML newsletter software, SCHWIF2004, that enables users of Microsoft Entourage to send mixed plain text and HTML newsletters using their favourite mail client.

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