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  • EducationInvestor


    (15 articles) EducationInvestor is the only monthly magazine that brings you independent, authoritative coverage of this exciting, developing market. Its dedicated editorial…

    May 2015

  • I Magazine

    I Magazine

    (2 articles) I: Global Intelligence for the CIO is a quarterly publication exclusively for the chief information officers of the world’s leading…

    Jan 2015

  • SC Magazine

    SC Magazine

    (33 articles) SC Magazine’s mission is to provide IT security professionals with in-depth and unbiased information in one incomparable publication. And with…

    Dec 2013

  • ComputerWeekly


    (3 articles) Computer Weekly is the leading provider of news, analysis, opinion, information and services for the UK IT community, and an…

    Oct 2013

  • MacFormat


    (89 articles) MacFormat is the No.1 selling consumer Mac magazine, full of practical, authoritative and passionate advice. Like our readers we love…

    Jan 2013

  • USM


    (1 articles) Investigating corporate social media use

    Jun 2012

  • Business Franchise

    Business Franchise

    (3 articles) The official journal of the British Franchise Association

    Feb 2012

  • Learning Magazine

    Learning Magazine

    (1 articles) Learning Magazine is a high quality magazine, published by the organisers of the long-established World of Learning Conference & Exhibition…

    Sep 2011

  • JISC Inform

    JISC Inform

    (3 articles) JISC inform raises awareness of the use of ICT to support further and higher education in the UK

    Jul 2011

  • MacUser


    (19 articles) Every two weeks, MacUser reaches over 50,000 Mac professionals. The only fortnightly magazine in the market, MacUser enjoys the unique…

    Jan 2011

  • iPad and iPhone User

    iPad and iPhone User

    (6 articles) Updated with the very latest iPad, iPod and iPhone news, reviews, gear guides, troubleshooting tips and tutorials, iPad and iPhone…

    Jan 2011

  • The Times

    The Times

    (1 articles) The Times is a daily national newspaper published in the United Kingdom since 1785, when it was known as The…

    Oct 2010

  • Techradar


    (1 articles) The latest technology news and reviews, covering computing, home entertainment systems, gadgets and more

    Jul 2010

  • Action Network

    Action Network

    (5 articles) Action Network brings its business readers a balance of business articles and general features, which makes great reading.

    Jan 2010

  • Information Age

    Information Age

    (77 articles) Information Age is Europe’s leading monthly magazine dedicated to helping managers maximise the use of technology for business advantage.

    Dec 2009

  • Filmstar


    (2 articles) Blackfish’s mainstream and independent film magazine

    Oct 2009

  • Macworld


    (16 articles) Macworld is the most popular UK Macintosh magazine, the favourite for Macintosh professionals seeking the latest advice and information on…

    Oct 2009

  • Crew


    (3 articles) Crew Magazine is a the contract consumer publisher for the majority of airlines in the UK (Virgin Atlantic, British Airways…

    Aug 2009

  • Death Ray

    Death Ray

    (1 articles) Death Ray is (though we say it ourselves) the most exciting thing to happen to science fiction since… oh the…

    May 2009

  • IK Magazine

    IK Magazine

    (3 articles) Inside Knowledge magazine is the original knowledge management publication. Each issue of Inside Knowledge is designed to provide you with…

    Oct 2007

  • Off the Telly

    Off the Telly

    (13 articles) Off The Telly features articles, reviews and essays on the best of contemporary and archive British TV

    Aug 2007

  • .net


    (3 articles) .net is an essential read for internet enthusiasts and professionals looking for the latest information and advice to help you…

    Aug 2007

  • Irish Printer

    Irish Printer

    (3 articles) Irish Printer is Ireland’s only magazine dedicated to serving the Irish Printing and Graphic Arts Industry. Established in 1974, it…

    Jul 2007

  • Total Content + Media

    Total Content + Media

    (3 articles) Total Content + Media provides indepth news, comment and analysis for the global media and entertainment industry. It is the…

    Jul 2007

  • MacLife


    (1 articles) MacAddict, Future US Inc.’s leading independent magazine devoted to today’s passionate Mac users, becomes Mac|Life beginning with the February 2007…

    Jun 2007

  • Action TV

    Action TV

    (7 articles) The British magazine of archive and cult television.

    May 2007

  • Password


    (1 articles) The e-magazine for information security professionals.

    Jan 2007

  • Practical Web Design

    Practical Web Design

    (9 articles) Practical Web Design is the UK’s best magazine for web building tutorials and advice, covering the likes of HTML, CSS…

    Dec 2006

  • Global IT Delivery

    Global IT Delivery

    (3 articles) An Information Age supplement looking at outsourcing.

    Oct 2006

  • Information Unbound

    Information Unbound

    (2 articles) An Information Age supplement looking at enterprise storage.

    Oct 2006

  • LinuxUser & Developer

    LinuxUser & Developer

    (16 articles) LinuxUser & Developer is the UK’s only magazine written specifically for Linux professionals and IT decision makers. It is available…

    Oct 2006

  • Database Marketing

    Database Marketing

    (6 articles) Launched in 1998 by Blue Sky Publishing, Database Marketing magazine brings together the latest news, case studies and feature articles…

    Sep 2006

  • Computer Arts

    Computer Arts

    (9 articles) Computer Arts, the world’s best-selling magazine for digital artists and designers, boasts a strong line-up of tutorials every issue, covering…

    Aug 2006

  • S Magazine

    S Magazine

    (1 articles) S Magazine is a quarterly publication for medium-sized businesses. Its aim is to support business growth through articles on key…

    Aug 2006

  • IT Pro

    IT Pro

    (1 articles) IT PRO focuses on news, reviews, group tests and features for UK business IT users, budget holders and decision-makers.

    Jul 2006

  • iSight


    (7 articles) iSight is a quarterly magazine produced by venture capital firm 3i that focuses on early-stage investment and emerging technologies.

    Jun 2006

  • MacAddict


    (2 articles) News, gossip, forums, and information for Macintosh enthusiasts.

    Apr 2006

  • iCreate


    (53 articles) What if Apple made magazines? Introducing iCreate, the most original, exciting, stylish and informative Mac magazine the world has seen…

    Mar 2006

  • Computer Arts Projects

    Computer Arts Projects

    (4 articles) Computer Arts Projects is the successful monthly spin-off of Computer Arts magazine. Each issue gives you an in-depth guide to…

    Jan 2006

  • M-iD


    (26 articles) M-iD provides constructive advice and examples of best practice to information management professionals.

    Nov 2005

  • Document output management

    Document output management

    (2 articles) In this day and age, there should be nothing in the world simpler than printing. Too often that is the…

    May 2005

  • Enterprise Security

    Enterprise Security

    (3 articles) Despite the constant stream of scare stories, the need for tighter security is still not an easy sell to senior…

    May 2005

  • Business Continuity

    Business Continuity

    (2 articles) Industry statistics show that when companies are hit by disasters that knock out their IT capabilities, as often as not…

    Mar 2005

  • Managed Services

    Managed Services

    (2 articles) Organisations of all sizes are partnering closely with their IT systems and services providers to ensure users are provided with…

    Feb 2005

  • Technology for Compliance

    Technology for Compliance

    (2 articles) The raft of compliance requirements now facing UK business is a minefield for the IT expert. New financial compliance regulations…

    Jan 2005

  • XML & Web Services newsletter

    XML & Web Services newsletter

    (7 articles) A weekly email newsletter covering developments in web services, service-oriented architectures and XML. I edited this as well as coding…

    Oct 2004

  • Enterprise Mobility

    Enterprise Mobility

    (1 articles) Despite the years of hype, the mobile story is just getting underway. Only during the past 18 months have all…

    Sep 2004

  • Televisual Factual handbook

    Televisual Factual handbook

    (1 articles) A practical guide from Televisual to factual television production

    Jun 2004

  • Information Management

    Information Management

    (1 articles) A supplement that went out with M-iD magazine that put forward the business case for information management.

    Apr 2004

  • Customer Solutions

    Customer Solutions

    (1 articles) A magazine about CRM and other call centre technologies.

    Dec 2003

  • Enterprise Linux

    Enterprise Linux

    (1 articles) For something that was originally conceived in a bored Finnish student’s bedroom one summer, Linux has made surprisingly deep inroads…

    Sep 2003

  • The managed services advantage

    The managed services advantage

    (1 articles) The way organisations invest in technology has changed. The depressed economy has led to an enormous focus on the cost…

    Apr 2003

  • Turning IT into a dynamic optimised resource

    Turning IT into a dynamic optimised resource

    (1 articles) Seven out of 10 organisations fail to execute on their strategy, according to business intelligence guru David Norton, inventor of…

    Mar 2003

  • The Agile Workforce

    The Agile Workforce

    (3 articles) Agile working promises flexibility of working, with access to corporate data and systems wherever employees happen to be. Omnipresent: Empowering…

    Dec 2002

  • Infoconomist


    (25 articles) Infoconomist was a monthly, pan-European business magazine for the technology elite - the people who are creating the technologies, the…

    Nov 2002

  • Technologies for building the agile enterprise

    Technologies for building the agile enterprise

    (2 articles) Once in while, a new technology creates a step change in how business is conducted. Business process management is, according…

    Nov 2002

  • Desktop Evolution

    Desktop Evolution

    (1 articles) Seismic shifts are underway in the desktop software market. The two major catalysts behind this change are software giant Microsoft’s…

    Oct 2002

  • Open Source Strategies

    Open Source Strategies

    (1 articles) Analysts at IDC estimate that the Linux operating system now enjoys a 25% share of the market for new server…

    Jun 2002

  • The fifth utility

    The fifth utility

    (1 articles) Most organisations have more computing resources than they need it, yet when demand rises, they often cannot use all their…

    Apr 2002

  • Spotlight on e-partnerships

    Spotlight on e-partnerships

    (1 articles) “E was big. C is bigger,” say analysts at Gartner. Indeed, such industry watchers suggest that the move from ecommerce…

    Mar 2002

  • The promise of server consolidation

    The promise of server consolidation

    (1 articles) For many IT departments, managing a proliferation of servers has become a pressing and difficult issue. The slowdown in IT…

    Feb 2002

  • Flexible B2B

    Flexible B2B

    (1 articles) A supplement that went out with Information Age.

    Jan 2002

  • Soho Independent

    Soho Independent

    (4 articles) Soho Independent was the newspaper for the UK media industry, delivering breaking news and inside views from the media and…

    Feb 2001

  • The Tribe

    The Tribe

    (3 articles) The short-lived web site for ‘urban hedonists’. I contributed articles to this on television, film and lifestyle areas.

    Jan 2001

  • The Post

    The Post

    (6 articles) In-house magazine of post-production company Rushes.

    Nov 2000

  • Televisual


    (34 articles) Established for over twenty years (launched in 1982) Televisual is and has always been the defining media for the production…

    Oct 2000

  • Dreamwatch


    (1 articles) I was the relaunch editor of this consumer TV and film magazine in 2000. I was also sub for some…

    Sep 2000

  • GIS Europe

    GIS Europe

    (3 articles) A sister magazine to Mapping Awareness, which covered strategic and Europe-wide issues on GIS. I was associate editor of this…

    Jan 1999

  • Mapping Awareness

    Mapping Awareness

    (5 articles) Trade magazine for GIS and automated mapping in the UK. I edited this for a year, and was the runner…

    Oct 1998

  • Cambridge Insider

    Cambridge Insider

    (3 articles) A short-lived newspaper, distributed in Cambridge, for which I wrote film reviews.

    Aug 1998

What's it all about?

A collection of my articles from over the years, some in PDF format, some as HTML. Not all of my articles are available, unfortunately, particularly the older ones, although I’m working to rectify that.