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I've been writing for consumer technology magazines for several years now. I'm one of the UK's leading Mac journalists, having contributed features, tutorials and hardware and software reviews to all the current titles at one time or another. I've been a contributing editor to Macworld and was the lead feature writer and helpdesk editor for iCreate. I've also contributed to US magazine MacAddict (now MacLife).

I've worked with, developed on and supported Macs on and off for over a decade, living with all its glories - and idiosyncracies both on the desktop and on the server. I've also contributed to two books on Macs: Creative Computing Series Volume 2: Mac OS X and Mac OS X: The Essential Manual.

However, I also write about Windows, and have professionally supported everything from DOS 3.1 through to Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server, as well as Linux. On top of that, I've covered various aspects of mobile phone-, iPod- and PDA-use, having worked my way through two iPhones, four iPods, three PalmPilots and two Nokia Series 60 smartphones over the years. So whatever the technology, I can write about it.

Other magazines I've written for include:

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