“Rob is a highly accomplished sub-editor and along with a forensic eye for detail, he is an expert problem solver in magazine editorial. He is never flustered by a surprise challenge in a schedule and will happily go the extra mile to meet a deadline. He is the best sub I can think of”

Jon Heal, designer, Environmental Health News

“Another top-notch article. Excellently researched and, more importantly, terrific writing.”

Keir Thomas, PC Extreme

“I thought it was the best no-nonsense build a Web site piece I’ve ever seen, and I’ve published two magazines and a book on the program!”

Paul Newman, Computer Arts

“Thanks for the piece on colour scanning. It was not only bang on time, but it was well written, a pleasure to read and therefore very easy to edit too – if only every freelance could be so diligent.”

Graeme Burton, The Ark Group

“It’s a bloody good review and couldn’t agree more with what you have said.”

Andrew Screen, Action TV

“Production editor Rob Buckley amazes us with his speed and skill in producing layouts; without him, Transport Times would certainly not look as good as it does”

David Fowler, Editor, Transport Times