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Yet more shots of Parga

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Here's the bell tower of a nearby ruined monastery

The Bell Tower

Useful fan mail

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Isn't this nice?


Your article in the Summer 2007 issue of .Net about Google Co-op was terrific, a real help to me. I was going to write a blog post about my experience getting a custom search engine up and running, and I wanted to link back to your article. But I can't find a link online. Can you point me to one?

Curiously, though, I hadn't realised the article had been published for a couple of reasons

  1. I wrote it in November last year
  2. I wrote it for Practical Web Design, not .net!

Still, it's good that it's seen the light of day, now that PWD has folded. And it's good that I know it's seen the light of day, too! The other missing article I wrote on Movable Type photo galleries has just been published, too, so that's a double whammy from my informative correspondent. Thanks!

Some more shots of Parga

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Hey, let's try to go daily with shots of Parga! That's better than writing, isn't it?

Valtos Beach

Some shots of Parga

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Well, my definitive guide to Πάργα (aka Parga) is probably going to take a little time to emerge, given my current workload (maybe next weekend though). Here are some photos to keep you going until that delightful day. Click on them to make them bigger.

Parga from the Venetian Castle

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