Issue 3 of The Developer is now available

The Developer Issues

I’m very pleased to say that issue 3 of The Developer is now available. I’ve been sub-editing this ‘uncommonly beautiful, 200-page biannual magazine’ for two years now, but this was the first issue to be edited in lockdown conditions.

As usual, it was an intensive three weeks of daily editing for both the magazine and its website, but all conducted remotely. We liaised through daily Zoom meetings and Slack was our go-to for communication, all of which worked smoothly.

However, I’d recommend avoiding using the desktop Mac client for SharePoint if you’re going to use it for synchronising InDesign files between computers. Unlike Dropbox, for example, the time between a new version of a file being saved, the client noticing it and uploading it to SharePoint, and then all the other clients noticing the change and downloading can range from instantaneous to a few hours and even not at all, resulting in all manner of versioning issues.

We’ll try something different next time…