Articles wanted for GeoConnexion International May/June


The May/June issue of GeoConnexion International is going to have the following themes and deadlines.  If you’re interested in submitting an article, email me so we can discuss topic and angle. You don’t have to write an article that matches more than one theme!


Surveying; GNSS; LiDAR; UAVs


Environment; Agriculture, Forestry; Fishing; Marine; Oceanology; Bathymetry; Navigation

Editor’s choice

Machine learning/AI; Automation

First draft deadline

4 March 2019

Final draft deadline

3 April 2019

Editing Geo:International

Just a quick note to say that as of the February 2013 issue, I’m going to be editing Geo:International. It’s something of a homecoming for me, since I was editor of Mapping Awareness for over a year, back in the 90s, and it feels good to be back. More details about commissions et al once I’ve settled into the job.