Improve recycling targets

Friends of the Earth are running a campaign to get the government to improve councils’ recycling targets. It’s very easy to get involved – there’s a page where you can send an email to Ben Bradshaw, the minister responsible – so please sign up.

Currently, the UK recycles less than a quarter of its waste, whereas Austria, Germany and the Netherlands recycle about half. Are we going to let them beat us? No!

Science, fundamentalism and climate change

Scientists need to stop ignoring fundamentalists and start explaining themselves, according to the president of the Royal Society. Otherwise, climate change is going to be downplayed and we’re all doomed.

Seems an odd argument, given there are environmentally friendly fundamentalist Christians out there campaigning for CO2 reductions and more. The trouble is he uses the word “fundamentalist” to mean all kinds of fundamentalists, not just religious fundamentalists. His definition is so loose, it applies to anyone with a firm belief. As a result, his argument is woolly and obvious: we need to stand up for what we believe or else people who believe different things will get the upper hand.

Thanks, Lord May, for clearing that one up.

Nevertheless, he has a point. In 20 years’ time, when we’re all melting in heat waves, freezing in Winter and the sea level is slowly rising, what will you say to your kids if they ask you what you did to stop it happening? Do something now and don’t let people who simply know how to shout loudly win the argument. If you’re a CIO or IT manager, incidentally, you might like to read my article on how to make your computing facilities more environmentally friendly: save power, stop using so many resources and you’ll save money as well as the planet.