Who’s the most important? We are

I was at a wedding at the weekend. This is not too unusual for me: I’ve reached that time of life and I’m averaging three or four a year now.

But something’s been bothering me and perhaps someone could help me out here.

A wedding is the most important day in just about anyone’s life. Not only is it one of the few days dedicated purely to the happy couple, but it marks the beginning of a whole new life for them both. Then there’s the enormous expense of it all, with thousands of pounds being spent to make the day as enjoyable and as memorable as possible.

So answer me this: why is it that there is a peculiar class of person who attends weddings and thinks, “No, of all the people here, I am actually the most important of you all.”

I am, of course, talking about parents who bring their infants to weddings.

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Handbags at dawn

The world needs more investigative journalists. Greg Palast is an excellent investigative journalist – he’s no John Pilger, but he does valuable and important work.
But seriously, what was the point of this low grade exchange of sarcasm with Christopher Hitchens? Even worse than the pointless schoolground name calling on both sides are the ridiculous falsehoods and internal contradictions in the arguments. Greg, Chris: you can do better than this.