Thieving gypsies. Well maybe

These thieving gypsies are very cunning. While I was at a supposedly closed bar, they managed to lift my camera, phone and money from my jacket, which was hanging on the back of my chair. Thoughtfully, they left the wallet from which they extracted my euros and pounds. Which was nice.
How do I know they were gypsies? Well, I don’t. But since they ran up £108 of calls to Romania before T-Mobile noticed this was a bit atypical of me and blocked the phone, I’m taking a wild, punning guess that the Romani were behind it all. They probably weren’t, but it makes for an interesting epigram anyway.

The moral of this story is to always take out phone insurance. Okay. I lied. The real moral of this story is to use Orange rather than T-Mobile. I like Orange. They make funny adverts, they actually have coverage in odd parts of the country, they have this whole Orange Wednesdays thing going at cinemas, and best of all, they’re French.
Admittedly, T-Mobile is German, which means I should like them more – the Germans are happy and understand me when I speak to them in their native language, unlike the French, who simply laugh. I studied French for eight years so it can’t be that bad, surely? More conclusively, oh conspiracy theorists, how come the Swiss understand me when I speak French, huh? – but their customer service and web site usability are just nowhere near as good as Orange’s unfortunately. An example? To get a new SIM card after you’ve had your phone nicked costs you £10 at T-Mobile.
Sad, I was, the day I had to leave Orange for T-Mobile. Now, after two years, I shall return to claim my free handset – yes, T-Mobile, a Nokia 6630, the very same one you tried to charge me £230 for even with my £79 faithful service discount.
My only worry is that the 6630 doesn’t seem to work with Macs at the moment. But with my iCreate helpdesk editor’s hat on, I’m going to do my best to work out how to get it to work when it arrives. Then I’ll tell the world. Or maybe wait till 10.4.2 comes out.