Orange incompetency

I really wanted Orange to be good. After T-Mobile, how could it be anything but better? But while T-Mobile may be harsh, it is efficient. Orange is incompetent.

I had to fax proof of my address seven times to them; eventually, I ended up posting it to them. No one would ever ring when I asked them to and when they said they would to let me know if they’d received it or accepted it. They lost my phone number transfer request number. They wiped my voicemail message while I was on holiday. They sent me a second handset I didn’t want and then threatened to charge me if I didn’t return it within a fortnight when I told them, before passing me over to someone else who said 30 days was just fine, actually. I told them I’d return it when I got back from my holidays. When I got back, someone called to check up on me and find out why I hadn’t sent back the handset yet, even though I still had two weeks in which to return it. I think I’ll keep my handset and head over to Virgin in a year’s time. My wife says they’re a whole lot better.
My T-Mobile fights continue, incidentally. T-Mobile sent me a replacement SIM card for my stolen phone, right after I’d told them not to. They charged me over £10 for the privilege, too. Went I rang and asked them to take it back, they told me to take it to any T-Mobile store and get a refund there. Well, guess what. No T-Mobile store will touch it with a bargepole. So I’m going to have to send it back. But where to? I’ve no idea, but some day I’ll be able to navigate T-Mobile’s labyrinthine customer service system and speak to someone directly.