Tasting tips

No blog yesterday because I went to an aperitif tasting at the Almeida in Islington. Yes, very swanky and chattering classes. Still, just to show I’m not betraying my Eltham heritage, I’d point out there’s not many places you can get five glasses of swish wine (Lillet, Nouilley Prat, a Muscat, a Kir and do you seriously think I’d remember the fifth one?) and five tapas for £15 a head?
Not sure how I got on their mailing list except I booked a table there once via Toptable.
Anyway, had a great time: met some nice people and had some good food and drink. In a weird “small world” sort of way, the couple we sat with were a former PR for GMTV whom I used to speak with when I was back on Televisual and the son-in-law of one of the main influential speech and language therapists ever, who pioneered work in dysfluency (my wife, Sarah, is a speech and language therapist, specialising in dysfluency).
So if you can get on their mailing list, do! They also offer French cooking classes: £75 a person and you get a four-course meal included. Bargain.