Good luck with that one, has launched a newsblog. Can you hear a spring in its step as it jumps a bandwagon, everyone?
Anyway, sarcasm aside for once, the plan is to have it updated several times a day – a kind of window onto the thoughts of the editorial team is the plan.
Again, good luck with that, guys. Wonder how long it will be before they’re just putting anything that enters their brain straight into it. Oh wait. They’re already doing that after only a few days:

31.10.2005 16:35:03 More boozy Brits are using the net for impulse buys. According to a news report on, a growing number of British are shopping online for ‘tat’ after a night down the pub.

31.10.2005 15:25:02 has been taking a look around Microsoft’s Life² business and consumer technology showcase. We’ll be brigning (sic) you photos from inside the event shortly.

Inspired. I’ll be reading that every day. Oh yes.