Birthday absence

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Sorry I haven't been posting for a few days: work and my birthday both got in the way. Enjoyed my day off, but now I'm straight back into the slog of things.

The good old Amazon wish list proved useful this year, yielding Teach Yourself Instant Italian and Is It Just Me or Is Everything Shit?: The Encyclopedia of Modern Life, both of which I'll be writing about later. Sarah also decided that I needed support in my rash promise to make a new Gordon Ramsay recipe every week (I made “Sublime scrambled eggs” yesterday) by buying me a blow torch. Crèmes Brûlées all round then.

My lovely wife is also taking me to the theatre on Saturday to see Otherwise Engaged, which should be fun: I'll be posting a review of that on my media blog once I've seen it.

But as a celebration party for the day, we did a tour of Greenwich, taking in The Mitre pub and Café Sol. The latter is a reasonable TexMex, although we encountered the strangest waitress there. She spoke fluent, accentless English, but couldn't understand a word of it. Very strange. Wished she'd had a label on her saying “I'm from...” so that we could have used our combined French, German, Spanish, Russian, Welsh and Greek to have a stab at helping her out. She was probably from Poland though, so we'd almost certainly have been stuck on a certain river without either a paddle or one of our main courses all the same.

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Otherwise Engaged from The Medium is Not Enough on December 22, 2005 9:45 PM

I've finally reviewed Otherwise Engaged in my media blog.

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