More news scandals in America: freelancers to blame apparently

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Tom Ferrick Jr levels the blame for the latest US journalism row on freelances in his latest column. Notable quotes:

Freelancers are the coolies of modern journalism. Many work for low fees, often juggling four or five assignments to make one meager paycheck. Temptation can be high – especially among those think-tank wonks, who consult with private companies, get grants for research from corporations, and write op-ed pieces, all at once.

In the old days, when reporters got paid a pittance, they often supplemented their salaries with similar jobs. They also were open to accepting free booze, meals, tickets and other emoluments from their sources.

Any of that sound familiar? Ah, British journalism: beyond the American pale.

If indeed that is the problem, there is an easy solution to this: pay freelances more money. I, for one, will get behind that, no trouble.

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