Travel is stressful

It’s not fun, driving down the motorway. There’s the monotony, the roadworks, the constant risk of falling asleep (bet you’re looking forward to driving behind me). Case in point: yesterday. It took us seven hours to get home from Swansea, a trip that normally takes four and a half hours or so. You see, there’d been a really nasty accident on the M4 that closed down junctions 17-19. So we ended up diverted to the middle of nowhere and it took us two hours to get to junction 17 from junction 18 via Cirencester. Not good.

The first services we came to, we stopped. 10.30pm and most places should have been shut. But Burger King was very nicely keeping itself open past the point it should have closed. It was doing that to help out us and all the people like us had been stuck on the motorway.

What was their reward? Abuse. Abuse because they didn’t have enough food of the right variety. Abuse for the whole motorway incident. No good deed goes unpunished, huh?

Stress is understandable. Taking it out on people who are trying to help you isn’t. So thanks Membury services Burger King staff. Thanks for helping us out. And all you nasty people who abused them: shame on you!