Business class on BA

So I’m at the gate, ready to board the flight back to London from Nice from my press trip. I’ve been impressed by Nice’s clever plan of having two lines for boarding – one for rows 24 and upwards and one for everyone else. Certainly speeded things up a bit. When what should happen but the person checking my boarding pass frowns. I’m not coming up on her system. She passes it to her colleague, who searches her system and delights me by informing me that I’ve been upgraded from “Euro traveller” to “Business class”.

“Excellent,” I think to myself. “I’ve never been business class with BA before. I wonder what it’s like.”

Well, I’m writing this on the plane right now and I’d have to say, not much different from economy.

Does it have more leg room or more space? No.

Does it have WiFi access? No

Does it have power sockets in the arm rests for laptops? No

Surely it must be quieter and more conducive to work in some way? Well, that screaming baby on the other side of the plane isn’t making it seem very conducive to work.

In actual fact, the only differences I’ve spotted so far are that I could have used the under-equipped lounge if I’d known that I was going to be upgraded (I actually did get to use the lounge, but only because Jeff Kimbell at Dell smuggled me in on his card); and you get better cutlery with the meal. The meal itself isn’t that much better, particularly since they substituted the usual functional block of cheese they provide for the biscuits with some icky blue cheese that they can probably smell in China from this altitude.

Maybe it’s better on the long haul flights, but for the short hauls, economy is as good as business class, I reckon, and a damn sight cheaper.