SMD a bit of a slouch at payments

Now, they’ve only been in business a little while, so you have to give them some slack, but SMD appears to be a little bit tardy at paying freelances, according to at least two contributors who have emailed me. Typical of many British publishing companies? Yes. Worrying all the same? Yes.

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for blogging about the whole insane Highbury/SMD situation! I’m a relatively new Hotdog freelancer, though I lost money to Highbury and am having hell of a game getting any money out of SMD (five phone calls in three weeks — I was told in the initial one that the money would be with me within 4 days!)


I have three Invoices outstanding and they’re stalling on paying. This has been going on for two months. I think something’s going on there.

What’s up SMD?

2 Replies to “SMD a bit of a slouch at payments”

  1. Having had dealings with Mr Robinson I am aware that it word is not worth much and the guys from the bank don’t trust him either.

  2. Just to add my bit … as a freelance writer I’m owed several hundred pounds for Hotdog work. After much hassling I received a cheque for some of the amount just before Xmas. It bounced..!
    I’m still hassling them but it doesn’t look good. Legal action may be only way forward…?

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