Weirdest idea for a Las Vegas casino yet

We’ve already learnt about one new Las Vegas hotel and casino this week. Now here comes another one. But it’s the weirdest one yet. It’s based on the magazine Maxim.

On one level, you can see where they’re coming from: Las Vegas isn’t called the “city of sin” for nothing. But a hotel designed primarily for teenage boys without much experience of women? Is that going to pay back the $1.2 billion needed to build it?

Still, maybe it’ll be like the Excalibur: there are plenty of people who stay in the Excalibur who aren’t there for the dragons and knights, but because they need a relatively cheap place to stay on the Strip that isn’t too shabby. I imagine the same might be true for Maxim Hotel and Casino. It’s actually going to have a reasonable nice location – close to Circus, Circus – since the north end of the Strip doesn’t yet have any of the top-grade hotels that the south and middle have been accumulating since the start of the 90s. Unless you count the Stratosphere, which I don’t.