One month with Virgin

After finally leaving Orange, I’m happy to say Virgin have been pretty good. Orange screwed up my final bill, of course, and I had to write to tell them (again) that I’d cancelled my contract and they can’t invoice me for another month. But hopefully, they’ll accept my final payment.

Just as a comparison, my monthly orange bill was £30. That’s despite my working from home most of the time. My first month with Virgin? £2.32.

I’d call that a result; wouldn’t you?

Still, I would say if you’re joining Virgin and not very literate technically, either get someone at a mobile phone shop to fix up the new settings on your existing phone or get one straight from Virgin. I thought I’d migrated over the settings correctly from Orange, but despite the fact I was able to send picture messages, I couldn’t receive them. I had to re-install the MMS settings to get the messages that people had sent me. Odd, huh?

Still it all works beautifully now.