Why don’t ISPs and hosting services tell you stuff?

I’ve already told you how my slightly rubbish hosting service, Dataflame, chose to change all the permission requirements on PHP files without bothering to tell me. Now my ISP, Be, has decided to get in on the “zero communication” act.

On Friday, mid-way through the day, they suddenly decided to implement an anti-spam measure that blocked all outgoing emails (technically, they closed ports 25 and 465). Took me a while to work out what was going on, and a bit less than a day to respond to my support request but it’s all sorted: if you’re a Be customer and you can’t send emails, set your SMTP server to smtp1.bethere.co.uk.

But why couldn’t they simply have emailed me (and everyone else) and told us that we’d need to change our email settings on a particular date? Or have a transition period? I ask you…

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  1. agree – just wasted 3 hours of time + a 20 minute call into the bethere waiting musice trying to figure it out until i read this blog. thks for posting it.

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