Skyped up

I’m all Skyped up. I’ve a SkypeIn number so that people can call me wherever I am and SkypeOut, which gives me free calls to UK landlines for six months in addition to the standard cheap Skype calls. I’ve a Cyberphone W for Mac so that I don’t have to shout at my computer, wear a headset or suffer rubbish Belkin WiFi handsets. I’ve also installed Call Recorder, so that I can record interviews easily.

It’s all working out quite nicely, although I had a few problems when I started. Call Recorder didn’t work with the current version of the Skype beta; and the Cyberphone shipped with a PowerPC only app – I had to get a Universal binary version from them and a couple of buttons on the phone still don’t work. The Cyberphone audio quality isn’t that brilliant either, although it seems to be getting better. I’m also having trouble getting into conference calls that need a PIN entered.

But it’s all quite nice and useful. I particularly like the call forwarding feature and ability to embed your Skype status in a web page, so that people know whether you’re available or not to speak to them, directly from your contact page. Isn’t technology wonderful?