The ring fenced fund progresses?

Just spoken to Chris Coles of BDO about payouts from the Highbury ring-fenced fund. He’s just had an updated application and he’s busy chasing down one of the larger creditors to get some documents changed. But he hopes soon to have some paperwork put together for the lawyers. They’ll take it to a court hearing and after that, things should move smoothly. Hopefully.

2 Replies to “The ring fenced fund progresses?”

  1. Just read that BDO HAYWARD profits were up 270 million last year…..So id say congratulations to us mugs for donating some interest on the trust fund..
    Highbury were SCUM
    SMD were useless, bald, sweaty toff SCUM
    BDO are SCUM
    Thats all…
    Phill M

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