Come fly with me

I’m on a bit of a high after my mate Steve took Sarah and me up in his microlite. There’s nothing quite like being 2,000 feet up, in high crosswinds, with only a seatbelt to keep you from plummeting to your doom to really get the adrenaline flowing. Well, apart from the pilot letting you take the controls. That can scare you even more than the knowledge that the microlite is carrying more than its weight allowance. Or that you took it within five knots of the stall speed.
It was fantastic fun and I hope to do it again soon, though. Also, I hope to have calmed down by bedtime…

Press centres

What is it about technology companies and press centres? Wherever I go to, whatever conference it is, the facilities for journalists are always so sub-standard compared to the other conference attendees’.
Here’s some of the main problems: network connectivity is always bad; the computers are always sub-standard and never work; wireless access never works; and the food is always rubbish. You end up scavenging the same food as everyone else to avoid starvation (or, of course, paying for your own food).
I’ve ended up forking out $11.99 to use Mandalay Bay’s in-room wireless access. That’s actually good enough that I can use Skype to avoid having to pay for extortionate phone call prices from my mobile and – heaven forbid – the room’s phone.
Anyway, it doesn’t actually send a good message to tech journalists that your tech is so bad, guys, particularly if you’ve decided to equip the press room with thin clients from Wyse: you can shout till you’re blue in the mouth that network connectivity is never really an issue for thin clients, but when everyone’s sitting there, waiting for minutes at a time for Internet Explorer to launch, we’re really not very inclined to believe you.

Back at last

Well, I’m back. After the hot, sunny weather of Kefallonia, it’s a shock to come back to the grey skies and rain of the British summer. Where’s the sunshine gone? Who knows? Maybe it’s migrated south. Anyway, over the next couple of days I’ll fill you in on everything that’s happened since I went away.

On my holidays

I’m off to Greece for a fortnight, starting tomorrow. When I get back, I’ll update you on some more screeners, mobile phone insurance and its overall uselessness, exactly how rubbish Orange is, just what I thought of The Omega Factor (it arrived this morning), the irritating thing about my iPod, and why my Mac is no longer the centre of my digital lifestyle (not through choice).
Oh, and I might comment on some actual IT news for a change. That would be exciting, wouldn’t it?

Thieving gypsies. Well maybe

These thieving gypsies are very cunning. While I was at a supposedly closed bar, they managed to lift my camera, phone and money from my jacket, which was hanging on the back of my chair. Thoughtfully, they left the wallet from which they extracted my euros and pounds. Which was nice.
How do I know they were gypsies? Well, I don’t. But since they ran up £108 of calls to Romania before T-Mobile noticed this was a bit atypical of me and blocked the phone, I’m taking a wild, punning guess that the Romani were behind it all. They probably weren’t, but it makes for an interesting epigram anyway.

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