Am I finally leaving Orange?

Called Orange a minute ago to let them know I wanted to leave. Well, I tried anyway. I called 150 from my mobile. After being asked to press 1 to confirm it was a mobile, not a broadband query, I was told that 1 was an invalid menu option. Tried calling back but I couldn’t even get through. So I had to call Orange the mobile phone network from a landline to get through.

Quelle surprise. They hadn’t received my cancellation letter. How did I not see that coming? Oh wait. I did.

Still, the man did I ask why I was leaving. It took a long time to explain everything.

I asked for a PAC number to migrate my phone number over to Virgin. “Well, if you do want a PAC number, you’ll have to pay for a further 30 days line rental”. And if I don’t? “Well, you’ll still have to give 30 days notice you want to terminate the contract.” I did. “Well, we didn’t receive it.”

So 30 days of Orange either way. Oh well. It’ll all soon be over. I’ve already got my Virgin SIM card so I’ll be swapping over today, I think.

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