Moving to Virgin

So first there was the singular problem of getting Orange to actually accept I wanted to leave. Then there was the problem of having to pay Orange £20 to use my phone on another network.

I’ve overcome those two issues. Last week, I got an email with the unlock code for my phone. I typed it in and my Virgin SIM card now works just fine in my phone. Hooray.

The next step was to change all the settings on the phone so that it can use Virgin’s 3G/GPRS and MMS access points rather than Orange’s. Turns out Virgin has a handy little web page for doing just that: just select your phone model, type in your number and if it’s sufficiently modern, the phone gets a text message that will add the correct settings to your list – no fiddling with menus required.

Of course, Virgin’s MMS services are a bit pants, it turns out – certainly, messages from Virgin to Orange take two days for the message to arrive and when it does, it’s just a text telling you to view the picture online. I’ll have to wait to see if what Virgin to Virgin and Virgin to networks other than Orange are like.

But I’m nearly free of Orange. I’m a bit worried by this bill I’ve just received saying I’m paying for services until the 21st July, when I actually gave them notice on the 14th, but hopefully that’ll be the last thing I have to sort out. In about a week, I’ll ring up Virgin, give them my PAC code and get my mobile number switched over – if I’m going to be paying Orange anyway, I might as well use up as much of my allowance as possible before the contract expires. Once the five to ten days necessary to migrate the number have elapsed, I’ll swap the SIMs, delete the Orange settings and that should be that.

How do I know it’s not going to be that simple? Again.

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  1. It’s worth the hassle I found, having had no end of hassle with both Orange and T-Mobile, Virgin have been utterly trouble free and completely competent (which you would think would be easy enough to achieve, given the relative lack of complexity involved in prviding a phone service compared to, say, running an airline)

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