I’ve finally switched my site to WordPress

When I started blogging, all the way back in 2005, I made a slight technological false start and started using Mac OS X Server’s built-in blogging system. That’s what I had, so I thought it a good thing to test.

It wasn’t good.

Plus running my blog off my home computer probably wasn’t the best idea anyway, given 2005’s broadband bandwidth and speed.

I quickly decided to move to a hosted service and to use Movable Type instead. At the time, that was a much better choice, since Movable Type had many technological advantages over its competitors, including its plug-ins, security, minimal use of server resources and built-in caching. WordPress? No thanks.

Changing times

Twelve years later and my choice wasn’t looking so smart. Movable Type had fallen behind, switched between open and closed source a couple of times, and was now largely focused on the Japanese corporate market. Meanwhile, WordPress had become the de facto standard for blogging. It was time to switch.

Migrating my wife’s company’s web site took about an afternoon, it was that easy. Migrating my 10,000-post media blog was far more of an endeavour, requiring custom coding, rewriting of both Movable Type and WordPress import/export plug-ins to deal with custom field types, and considerable performance fine-tuning. I reckon it took about a month, maybe two, to get everything purring along nicely.

This blog and my own web site, however, took a little longer. That’s mainly because I didn’t have the time to do it, rather than because of any intrinsic complexities. However, I finally began the project in earnest a couple of weeks ago and yesterday, I was at last able to deploy the initial release of the new-look site.

It’s still a slight work in progress and I’ve not yet migrated over my entire portfolio of articles from the previous system. Nevertheless, I think it’s pretty much there and looks a lot more modern than the previous version; it’s also far more suitable for mobile browsing than the Movable Type theme, which was created before responsive sites had even been conceived.

Fingers crossed, it’ll also spur me into blogging a bit more often, as I realise it’s now been about three years since I last posted something here!